Living with the daily struggle of constantly trying to balance my inner Beyoncé while being a (semi) normal college student.

I promise to never use the cliche and terrible phrase, "passion for fashion", but that's basically what brought me to Manhattan. I am a Junior and a fashion merchandising major at LIM College.

I grew up in a small town in north Florida right below Georgia. Everyone drives trucks, says Y'all, plays golf, and Lilly Pulitzer is basically the uniform. And to be completely honest, I did not even know the difference between a street and an avenue before moving to that's embarrassing.

I have come along way since moving to Manhattan. Despite losing my tan, not only can I now successfully get around; but I have also made some amazing connections, developed as an individual, held many internships and jobs in the fashion industry, and discovered my personal style.

When I am not (window) shopping, working, or at school, I enjoy traveling, being in the sun, playing with my hairless cat, jamming to country music, photography, and exploring NYC.

And yes, the bags under my eyes are designer.